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3M Scotchgard™ is the leader in automotive paint protection technology, and the Scotchgard Pro Series just set the bar even higher!

The new Pro Series film has it all:

  • 10-Year Warranty (optional 5-Year Service Agreement available**)
  • Self Healing Technology
  • Great conformability
  • Beautiful clarity
  • Scratch, Scuff and Stain Resistance (no more bug stains!)

**5-Year service agreement protects the paint underneath the film.  If a rock ever gets through our film AND damages the paint underneath, 3M will pay to remove the damaged film, repair the damaged paint, and install new film, up to $3,500 per incident.  No other company is offering that!

Whether you’re using Scotchgard™ or Scotchgard™ Pro Series, you will get a long-lasting automotive film that requires little to no maintenance.  Plus, its patented stretchable clear coat allows the film to conform to, and thereby protect, any surface on the vehicle.  You will also get the peace of mind that comes from 3M’s industry-leading warranties: Pro Series – 10 Years | Scotchgard – 5 years

Scotchgard Test



• Helps keep the paint looking like new.

• Reduces paint chips and bug damage.

• Helps boost the trade-in value.





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